About Us


Opulent Beach Club is a boutique store providing   luxury fitness, beachwear and travel accessories for all lovers of fashion. With over 27 years in the luxury travel industry, Opulent Beach Club is an expansion of sister company Opulent Travel Lounge and helps to provide the ultimate package for those travelling and exploring the world.
We understand that no holiday is complete without the perfect bikini, or must-have sun cream so we pride ourselves on not only creating exceptional tailored holiday packages but also providing gorgeous outfits so that you can jet off in style. 
We offer stunning swimsuits, but also sportswear full of style and sophistication. Feel good and look good, in our different styles and flattering cuts; perfect for hitting the gym, heading out for a run or waking with yoga. 
Whether it’s your vacation must-haves or fitness feel-goods, Opulent Beach Club has a range of styles to suit you.